May 20, 2024


Food, couldn't ask for more.

Origin of Pizza and Spaghetti – Marco Polo in China

Pizza is one of the more popular foods among American children. They gobble up pizza like anything. As a result, there have been several chains to offer pizza to consumers: Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesar’s, Papa Johns, etc.

Pizza is even enamored by entire cities such as Chicago with their famous “Chicago Deep Dish” pizza. We have all come to learn that pizza originates from Italy. But it was not developed in Italy out of nowhere but rather inspired by China.

Spaghetti, in fact, has its roots from China. While they eat noodles in China, it turned into spaghetti in Italy with the addition of tomato sauce.

Marco Polo also brought back with him a flat bread shaped food item. This, by many accounts, have been come to known as pizza.

Societies have a long history of borrowing from each other. When one society creates something of value, it is often borrowed and modified by other nations. In fact, most of American culture was borrowed by our European forefathers. Hamburgers came from Germany and pizza came from Italy.

Innovation was one of the greatest achievements of man. Other species of animals tend to copy what their parents did to a tee. Instead, humans look to go out of the box and do things differently. This has allowed the human society to advance in a great way.

Trial and error with respect to foods is essential to the evolution of food. In fact, if you go to any major fair these days, you will have the opportunity to eat friend Twinkies.