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Online Cooking Classes in Delhi

Online Cooking Classes in Delhi

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Curd roll Recipe| Dahi Bread Roll | Dahi Ke Sholey |Bread Curd Fire Roll
Dahi ke sholey / curd roll a very unique taste recipe which outer crispy, inner mouthwatering with delicious taste. Now a days this recipe probably eaten at all over places but mostly this is famous recipe of north Indian side. This is similar to bread roll or paneer roll but it is quite different through their stuffing od thick curd and multiple types of veggies, which makes its taste unique and tasty.
Curd roll is a perfect snacks of any type of parties or occasions. this is a very good option for morning or evening snacks. One more great thing is that this a best tiffin or snacks option for any kid, because this is a perfect taste of recipe for any kid. I.e, curd roll is thick curd with lots of veggies and little spices rolled and covered with bread and deep fried.
sholey which you can follow and make a tasty and unique crispy tastefull curd fired roll. Lets see ingredients and method of this recipe and follow step by step.
Recipe for curd roll | dahi ke sholey | dahi bread roll –
Prep time – 10 min.
Cooking time – 10 min.
Total time – 20 min.
Ingredients –
1. thick curd / hung yogurt – ½ cup
2. bread slices – 8 pcs
3. finally chopped onion – 2 large tbsp
4. Finally chopped capsicum – 2 large tbsp
5. Finally chopped coriander leaves fresh – 2 tbsp
6. Boiled corn – 2 tbsp
7. Carrot finally chopped – 1 tbsp (optional)
8. Salt – as per taste
9. Black pepper – ½ tbsp

Method to make curd roll

1. First of all take a mixing bowl and add thick fresh curd.
2. Now add all ingredients like onion, capsicum, corn, carrot, coriander leaves, salt and black pepper except bread slices.
3. Mix all ingredients properly with spatula. make sure that all spices and veggies combine well in hung curd. keep aside this bowl.
4. Now take a slice of bread and cut off the edges/ corners of bread. now spread the bread with belan and make thin as possible. if you don’t want to waste the corners of bread so you can make bread crumbs through grinding it in a mixure and can use in different recipes.
5. Now place 1 tbsp of our before prepared stuffing on one side of bread and left one side and corners.
6. Brush some little water of all edges/corners.
7. Roll and press slightly all edges or corners to seal them tightly that’s why our stuffing could not be leaked.
8. Heat the oil in pan and deep fry these bread curd rolls in medium flame. mind it flame should not be very high otherwise roll are not fried properly.
9. Fry all roll till they becomes golden brown in colour and drop out in soaked paper.
10. Serve hot.
11. As these rolls served just lonely with tea but mostly people prefer to these with green chutney or tomato sauce.
Now our bread curd rolls are ready to serve. with following some simple steps try our delicious dahi ke sholey.