July 18, 2024


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Indian Food, Appetizer and Amazingly Fabulous Cuisine

Indian Food, Appetizer and Amazingly Fabulous Cuisine

When you think of India, the first thing that comes in mind is its food. Yes that’s true. Most of the people across the world think of India as a democratic republic with a huge variety of healthy Indian recipes and diverse culture. And that is pretty much true also. India is known for its amazingly fabulous cuisine. Ranging from the low calorie Gujarati snack “dhokla” to the rich oily Amritsari delicacy “chole bhature”, all the healthy Indian recipes have their unique place in the international menu card.

The invaders in the history of India like Portuguese, British, Persian, Arab and Aryan etc. have influenced Indian cuisine in a great sense. Even today top hotels follow guidelines to prepare healthy Indian recipes suggested in health and fitness tips to inculcate healthy food at their outlets, to ensure heavy customer base.

Indian appetizer recipes are prepared keeping in mind the need of the hour. Nowadays people want to lead healthier lifestyles, thus they pay more attention towards what they eat and how much they eat. Indian appetizer recipes come under the category of foods which can easily be used to curb the midnight hunger pangs often felt by people.

Healthy food is the one which helps the individual to get fit. Indian appetizer recipes are also just like that. Some of the low calorie versions in Indian appetizer recipes category are like Pongal food, which means boiled food. It contains dishes like Ariselu, Bandaru ladoo and Sarkarrai Pongal.

All these dishes are prepared by using minimalistic amount of oil, salt, green chilies, gram flour and jaggery. Consuming such dishes in small proportions on specific timings can help you in attaining quick weight loss.