Freeze dried food: why is can be the best choice?

The Many Benefits of Freeze-Dried Food in a Crisis — 4Patriots

Freeze-dried food undergoes a three-phase process called lyophilization. Firstly, the food product is washed, cleaned, and then put in the freeze dryer or freezer at temperatures below freezing to form ice crystals. Next, the frozen food product is put in a vacuum chamber under low heat, where the frozen water crystals evaporate directly from the solid to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. Finally, food goes under a second drying process, in which the last of the water molecules are removed under slightly higher temperatures. At the end of the process, the food loses almost all its moisture and has a porous structure. After the freeze-drying process, foods include many beneficial features that can make them the best choice for many consumers. One of the best about freeze-dried food is its versatility. The freeze-drying process can be used for coffee, vegetables, herbs, food flavorings, fish, seafood, eggs, fruits, juice, and dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, ice cream.  Also, freeze-drying is suitable for individual food and whole dishes with multiple ingredients, for instance, stews or soups. Another per is that freeze-dried food maintains its original size and shape with minimal damage to the inner structure and is shelf-stable at room temperature for several years or even decades. Also, once the water is removed from foods, they become very light and easy to handle, which means they can be transported and delivered more easily and cost-friendly. So because freeze-dried foods are easier to carry and store, have a longer shelf life, and generally taste better than dehydrated foods, freeze-dried food can be the best choice when you want to go camping or hiking, dry seasonal vegetables, and fruits, and add additional flavors to your meals. To check if freeze-dried food is that good, try it yourself.


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