April 17, 2024


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Eclectic All Inclusive Holidays in Greece: Fun Nights Out in Athens

All inclusive holidays in Greece are not just about wild party summers on the holiday islands or sightseeing trips around the country’s famous sites. A trip to the cosmopolitan capital, Athens, is great for holidaymakers that enjoy a night, or a few nights out in one of the city’s many, very different venues. The eclectic choice of musical genres and venues range from the unashamedly trendy to the spectacular and everything in between. When it comes to starting a night out there is one place that is literally above all others, Orizondes Lykavitou, a restaurant opened by Greek celebrity chef Yannis Geldis.

The restaurant has views across the city that take in some of its main historical sites, like the Acropolis which can be seen from the hilltop bar and lounge area. The restaurant on Lycabettus Hill is best reached by cable car, another spectacular and memorable excursion on Greece holidays. When it comes to an enjoyable night out clubbers who want to go from dining alfresco to clubbing outdoors can head for Inoteka. Located in one of the city’s old flea markets, Inoteka’s indoor area plays the best electro pop while the quieter outdoor tables are good for clubbers who want to enjoy the evening air.

Bios is another of the city’s trendy electronica venues. Clubbers will love the relaxed atmosphere and should try to get a programme of events as they include alternative concerts and theatrical performances. Hoxton shares more than its name with the trendiest part of east London. The club has big open spaces that act as art galleries and have photo exhibitions as well as club nights for locals who enjoy their electronica. Visitors familiar with London’s Hoxton will really enjoy a night on the tattered sofas in a relaxed atmosphere with a Greek twist.

Mikes Irish bar has an altogether different offering for those who are looking to enjoy a night out in Athens. Drinkers have the choice of spending an evening watching European football from the top leagues across the continent, or grabbing the microphone and belting out their favourite songs. Although karaoke is available everywhere on the Greek islands it’s still something of a novelty in the capital. The diversity of music in Athens goes further still with venues offering anything from Jazz to rock music.

The best thing about the city’s rock clubs is that many of them have stages and live performances from home grown and foreign rock bands. A club has long been one of Athens’ premier live music venues and features rock and alternative music performances. Visitors enjoying cheap holidays in Greece can experience some Latin flavour in Cubanita, a bar and restaurant serving up traditional Hispanic dishes and an evening of dance.