June 23, 2024


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Cooking Tagines That Will Help You Manage Your Time

If you are planning to have guests over to your home, you may be pressured to cook up a storm to impress them. Well, if you would like to have a relaxing meal without stressing out on cooking tonnes of different dishes, then you may want to consider getting some cooking tagines.

Why Use Moroccan Tagines?

People who cook with Moroccan tagines will tell you that they are used for cooking excellent stews. Whether you prefer any meat or vegetarian stew, cooking tagines are ideal because they are made of clay and cooking with them will help soften the meat and vegetables making the dish tastier. On top of that, the shape of these cooking tagines will help prevent the stew from drying up since the cone-shaped top helps to condense the steam. So you could basically leave the dish to cook for hours without worrying that you’ll end up with a burnt dish later on.

Is The Cooking Process Long?

Basically, cooking any stew with these Moroccan tagines will help free up your time to do other things. All you need to do is to prepare the ingredients which is pretty easy. Depending on whether you like you stew spicy or non-spicy, get the meats and vegetables ready. Pour some olive oil at the base of the tagine and sear the meats. This helps to seal in the juices. Remove the meats and add in your chopped garlic, onions and spices. Cook them for a few minutes before adding in your other chopped vegetables. Stir everything well before adding in the broth or plain water. Season with salt and pepper before adding in the meats. Cover the dish and allow to simmer for a few hours or until the meat is tender enough to your liking.

Time To Do Other Things

While the stew is simmering away, you could use that time to do other things. Perhaps you would like to cook another dish or prepare a simple salad and desert? Whipping up a simple salad will not take up much of your time. Panicking over what to prepare for desert? Just get some ice-cream which everyone will love. You could also buy some freshly baked bread to go with your wonderful stew. Once you’re done setting up the table and preparing everything else, your stew will be ready. Leave it to cool for a while before serving some to your guests.


Talk about saving time. Cooking with Moroccan tagines will allow you to allocate your time to get other things ready for your relaxing dinner. And your guests will definitely enjoy the meal. Have a good one!