October 3, 2023


Food, couldn't ask for more.

Buffet Catering – What to Prepare For a Buffet Gathering?

When you are organizing an event, food is an essential element of a successful event. And nowadays, buffet catering is getting more popular among event organizers. Buffet is commonly used to entertain guests and VIPs during events like business seminars and corporate parties. The reason buffet is so popular is because it gives your guests freedom to decide the right amount of food that they wish to consume.

Before you hire a buffet caterer for your event, let me share with you some tips to prepare for an enjoyable buffet catering. To prepare for a buffet catering, it is best to engage a professional buffet caterer to do most of the hard work for you. Before you hire a caterer, take note of the following points:

1. Confirm the number of people attending your event. I know that it is impossible for you to get the exact number of confirmed guests before an event. Therefore, you should always do a headcount 1 week before the event and note that there will always be at least 5 to 10 percent of people who will not turn up even though they have registered for your event. By getting a good estimate on the number of attendees, you will not over-order the amount of food needed.

2. Choose the buffet menu. Before engaging a buffet caterer, you need to confirm the type of menu that you wish to order. A professional caterer will be able to take care of your request, be it whether you have requested for Western or Asian food.

3. Consider whether you want to have a BBQ buffet. A BBQ buffet will be suitable for a chilled-down event. It allows more interaction and creates a relaxing atmosphere for your guests.

4. Prepare a space big enough for your caterer to work on. Your caterer will need a huge space to set up the buffet on the actual day. So make sure that you have reserved a space for your caterer. The space that you reserved for your caterer should be spacious enough for your guests to move easily so that your guests will not have an unpleasant experience queuing for food.

5. Let your caterer know all the necessary details. You need to let your caterer know all the details so that they can match your expectation. Your caterer must know what time to set up the buffet and the time to clean the area up. With clear communication, you and your caterer will be able to work well together and provide a pleasant experience to your guests.

Hope that you are now more equipped to prepare a buffet catering for your guests.