July 18, 2024


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1 Little Fruit That Is the Secret to Curing Your PMS

1 Little Fruit That Is the Secret to Curing Your PMS

For many women, PMS can strike like a thunder bolt in your sleep. It disrupts your life and viciously continues its wrath of fury for countless generations in women’s families. In addition, for some generations of women in families, cysts and fibroids are a continuing curse.

These issues have plagued millions of women probably since the dawn of time and continue its fury while many suffer feeling hopelessness. I realized through my experimentation that the types of food that are eaten at least a few days before and during your expected cycle makes a significant difference in how you feel during this time.

The types of foods also apparently makes a vast difference in how you look as well because many women experience acne breakouts on the chin during menstruation time. According to the Old Chinese Western Medicine Principle, acne on the chin signifies that there are reproductive (hormonal) issues at bay in the body.

Well, there is good and great news. Which one do you want first? The good news is that there is an all-natural substance, in the form of a fruit, that will alleviate PMS symptoms like bloating, nausea, and cramps. The great news is that this food is dirt cheap and with continual incorporation into your diet, will reduce your chance of developing fibroids or cysts.

This amazing food is dried apricots! You can find them in many stores, but it is important to use only the unsulphured version that does not have additional sugar added. Natural health food stores will carry these types or you may contact your favorite supermarket manager and request he or she bring in unsulphured dried apricots with no sugar added. Be sure to only eat 1 serving of it as it is sugary and calorie dense but it has a wealth of vitamins that will help ease PMS pain.

After eating the serving of apricots, be sure to drink at least a glass of lukewarm water behind it to dilute some of the sugar and hydrate yourself. Water is a PMS-ing girls best friend. It is a good idea to eat a serving of dried apricots starting at least 3 days before your expected menstrual cycle and the first two days while you are on it. Remember to drink a lot of water during the days before and during the first two days on your cycle to reduce bloating and help the apricots absorb better into the body.

What about fresh apricots? These are nice fruits to add into your diet, but it is preferable to have apricots dried in this specific situation because they are more concentrated in nutrients than fresh apricots by the serving size. Generally speaking, you do not want to eat mostly dried fruits because they are very dense in calories and sugar with little hydration factor that fresh fruit offers. Fresh is best, but in this case dried will be better.