Top vegetarian restaurants for plant-based travellers in Saigon

This article will fulfil your needs for both quality food and a peaceful place to rest your body and mind.

You will be able to set your feet on the land that offers the best vegan dining spaces in Ho Chi Minh City. Many vegetarian eateries and restaurants can be found around the city, but if you are seeking quality food as well as a peaceful environment, these restaurants listed below will fulfil your needs.

1. Veggie Hummus

District 2 in Hum Vegetarian has open space. Image credit: Hum Vegetarian

It is the tranquil space that connects you closely to nature, especially the lotus flowers, that first draws you to Hum (in all three locations). Hum is the name of the Sanskrit mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”, which means “the Jewel in the Lotus.”. In this context, the word hum might be interpreted as the lotus flower, which is the symbol of Buddhism and also the national flower of Vietnam.

From the delicate, nurturing food as well as the human-nature connection, the restaurants offer the state of mind, the feeling of peace. Hum creates an environment for customers to enjoy the moment with their loved one, their own personal sensations, and be conscious of the food they eat.

The menu here is Southeast Asian-inspired, with the spirit of Vietnam cuisine at its core. In addition to the fresh ingredients from the region, the right spices, the balance of tastes, and the aesthetic decor contribute to the harmony of the dishes. We guarantee the freshness and originality of our vegetables and ingredients, as well as our eco-friendly and health-centred principles.

Hum Vegetarian provided the photo

Along with the food, special clear drinks here are an excellent accompaniment to the meal. They consist primarily of mineral water mixed with fresh herbs and/or seasonal fruits and flowers.

2. Café & Bistrô Prem

Its colourful bohemian interior design and a broad menu of unique dishes make Prem an outstanding dining experience.

Their mission is to be the home of avid travellers, and they mean it! There are a variety of dishes from across the globe on the menu at Prem. The menu at Prem includes a variety of soups (such as pumpkin and vegetable soup), salads, bean-based burgers, pizzas, appetisers (such as garlic and pesto bread), and side dishes (such as baked sweet potatoes).

A wide variety of exotic foods from around the world, including:

Indian dishes such as Dal soup (Indian lentil soup), Paneer tikka (paneer marinated in spices and grilled), samosas (fried pastries with savoury fillings such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas), Chana masala (chickpeas in an onion tomato sauce);

A typical Mediterranean dish consists of legume-based soups and salads;

Dishes from Middle East and Africa, including shakshuka (eggs poached in tomato sauce), vegan falafel, and hummus dishes.

Many Thai dishes, such as curries and pad Thai, as well as Mexican foods including tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas, are popular choices.

Rolls of eggplant and spinach grilled with cashew nuts. Image courtesy of Prem Bistro and Cafe

Throughout the restaurant, Prem displays photographs of tourists and customers. Warm paint colours and a family-like atmosphere create a cosy and casual atmosphere in the space. Three dining areas are available, including a terrace with garden benches, an open-air area with high tables and chairs without air conditioners, and floor-seating sofas and cushions with air conditioners.  

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