October 2, 2023


Food, couldn't ask for more.

Kogi Coffee: single origin wild-harvest coffee is offered for the very first time by Younger Brothers Trading Co

Using whole bean arabica coffee and deep fermenting to enhance the cup profile, flavors, and experience of Kogi Coffee, each bag contains 12-ounces. In addition to the aroma of citrus, chocolate, and sugar cane, Kogi Coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,200 meters. 

In the sacred mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, the Younger Brothers Trading Company sourced your coffee directly from Cabildo José de los Santos Sauna’s family farm. 

The funds have been sent directly to the family of Cabildo Santos and will be used for improving their livelihoods, health, and education, as well as ensuring their food security. 

In the Kogi community, coffee and agroforestry production adheres to the universal belief system held by the “Hermanos Mayores” (“Elder Brothers”), as they call themselves, and that is mandated by their spiritual elders, the “Mamos”.

During the cultivation of Kogi coffee, the principles of conservation and restoration of nature are the guiding principles of the “Law of Origin”, or “Law of Knowing”, of the Kogi. 

Bringing about the conservation of Mother Earth by protecting the ancestral knowledge that the Kogi carry from millenniums of spiritual evolution is the mission of the Mamos, the Kogi indigenous community, and the Cabildo Santos family: through the experience of drinking the coffee of the Kogi community, the Kogi community’s spiritual mission is shared with you.

Sharing this with you and your family is a great honor for us.


There are notes of lavender and brown sugar in the aroma. The bouquet is fresh and earthy.

It has a very balanced body that dances between soft and creamy. Milk with 2% fat.

An acidity that cuts through thick roasty notes without overpowering the richness of the roast is similar to a squeeze of lime on tacos.

Initially, the flavor is strongly roasted barley, followed by a savory umami note, and finished light and sweet like toasted corn.

Finish: The coffee lingers, but not so much that you don’t want more. Generally does not stick to the teeth, but does continue to express itself as you breathe. Those roasted barley notes evolve into a full-blown toasted bread flavor, which is really nice to taste. 

From the heart of the world, wild Colombian coffee

A unique kind of wild coffee is grown by the Kogi people from the Colombian Sierra Nevada, following their ancestral connection to the earth. Kogi coffee’s unique growing conditions make it arguably the most sustainable coffee in the world.